Posted by: kinnikinnick | May 20, 2020

Emergency Evacuation Plan

This is great information from Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue.

Ready, Set, Go

Evacuation guide

Posted by: kinnikinnick | May 8, 2020


There is a huge black bear roaming around the neighborhood. Time to secure your garbage and put away your bird feeders.

Posted by: kinnikinnick | May 3, 2020

Water shut off on pine tree

Dan needs to fix a water leak on Pine Tree on Monday, May 4th. The water on pine tree will be shut off from Salal to Riffle. It’s unknown how long it will take.

Posted by: kinnikinnick | March 26, 2020

Member Meeting Cancelled

The member meeting on April 25th, 2020 has been cancelled.

We will mail out the Annual report after the print shops reopen.

Everyone stay healthy.

2020-4-1 letter

Posted by: kinnikinnick | March 7, 2020

Board Meeting March 28, 2020 cancelled

Board meeting cancelled

March 28, 2020

10 AM   @ water building

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