Posted by: kinnikinnick | November 20, 2019

Snowplow Priorities



Posted by: kinnikinnick | November 2, 2019

Board Meeting

Board Meeting

Saturday, November 23, 2019


2651 Cottonwood

Posted by: kinnikinnick | August 6, 2019

Water Leak

There is a pretty major leak between Wenatchee Pines and Cedar Crest.  Water may be off while repairs are being made.


Posted by: kinnikinnick | July 26, 2019

Please Conserve Water

The number 1 well at the Cottonwood well site is down.  Please conserve water until further notice!

Thank you!

Posted by: kinnikinnick | July 23, 2019


We have received reports there is a problem bear in the neighborhood breaking down doors to get into garbage.

Please try to secure your garbage and take down bird feeders.

For more info see links on side bar.

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