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2017 Fall Letters to Members

2017-9-1Letter to Members20170908_09184108


2017-8-1 Letter to Members

2017-8-1 Special Meeting Notice

Lot Location Phase 1 ESA Report – Well Protection Property_Final_20170724.pdf


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Chipping Event

Chipper event – Spring 2018

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Board Members Needed

Please contact by March 15th!


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Run for the Board

We are asking anyone that is interested in running for the board to please submit a short paragraph about yourself to on or before March 1st.

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From Lake Wenatchee Info

Snowmobiles Trashing See & Ski Trail

There is a growing pattern of snowmobile trespass on the Chiwawa See & Ski apparently originating from the Chiwawa River Pines development. A number of times over the last few weeks snowmobiles and an ATV have torn up the See and Ski XC Trail. With low snow cover repairing the trails takes considerable effort.

If you have any information about these snowmobiles and ATV’s, or any further violations please call Lake Wenatchee State Park at (509) 630-8324 or (509) 763-3101.

State Parks will be deploying Game Cam’s to help identify individuals responsible for the damage

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Board Meeting November 18, 2017

Board Meeting at Water Building on November 18 at 10 AM.

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