Posted by: kinnikinnick | February 10, 2017


I just got a call from the state parks.  They are responsible for grooming the ski trails in our area.

Snowmobiles have been on the ski trails and they followed tracks back to Chiwawa Pines.

PLEASE stay off the ski trails!



Posted by: kinnikinnick | January 25, 2017

Update on Frozen

Dan has found 6 places with leaks… today the water usage is pointing to another one.

If you notice water in a driveway, yard, or on the road,  please let Dan know.

We have always recommended shutting your water off in your cabin if you were leaving for an extended period of time.  The temperature was minus 0 or below for two weeks.  If you left your heat on low, it may not have been warm enough to keep your pipes from freezing.

Good Luck!

Posted by: kinnikinnick | January 12, 2017


Dan says we are losing water somewhere.  He has driven around the neighborhood and can’t find any leak so he thinks it might be inside a house.

If you haven’t been here for a while you might want to come and check your house or have someone check  it for you. the temperatures have been near and below zero several days now.


Posted by: kinnikinnick | November 22, 2016

Stolen Car Found

Dan noticed a car stashed on trail by swimming hole.  He called the sheriff and turns out it was stolen from Wenatchee.

The sheriff has asked that we be on the look out for any unusual activity.  He is guessing that the thief may have broken into a cabin/house in the area to spend the night.

Please let your neighbors know!  Thanks!

PS Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by: kinnikinnick | November 8, 2016

Board Meeting 11-12-2016

Board Meeting


10 AM

Water Building

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